About me

Im a Domestic Diva and Geekgirl with an attitude
– and Im not afraid to use it! 🙂

What does that mean?

Professionally I am a bit of a workaholic with thick entrepreneur blood in my veins. I have worked with e-commerce, online marketing and online strategies since 2002.

I have a CBA (MBA level) from AVT Business School, and I am also an educated fashion designer. Additionally I have given several lectures about optimizing Christmas shopping online.

I am available for hire as a consultant within areas such as Marketing, Social Media Strategies, e-commerce strategies/advice, and online strategies in general.

Privately, I thoroughbred Diva. Married, mother of 2 beautiful mini-divas, passionate photoenthusiast, and a cheerful energy bomb, with the ability to blow the air out of people. I love to inspire others, and have always done so, and I love the feeling when my positive energy rubs off on my surroundings, and how they receive renewed energy and lust for life. I have a love for “originals” who dares to be different, and I really really LOVE music, shoes and champagne.

For more info see my profile on Linkedin and you are also welcome to contact me via email and / or telephone for an informal chat.

You are welcome to watch one of the speeches I gave @FDIH here! (in Danish)

Rikke Nørdum Sonne
Domestic Diva

Have a divalicious day!


Mobile: +45 53 69 10 24