How to wear a tie as a woman

It’s friday, and it’s tie-time folks. I have always loved wearing a skirt, shirt and a tie, so I found some inspiring pictures for you right here:


Tip: As a woman you should go for the slim ties

Asos tie

jeans tie



If you even have a waistcoat in the back of your closet, dust it off and start wearing it together with a shirt and tie.


If you don’t know how to tie a tie, then don’t worry. Here’s a video that shows you how to tie a tie step by step

Some of you are maybe old enough to remember this scene from the movie “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

Pretty Woman Tie scene
Nice Tie! I got it for you

One of my favorite pair of shoes, are these beauties from the danish shoebrand Lola Ramona. They instantly make my black dresses look more festive and fun, and I always get tons of compliments when wearing them.

Lola Ramona Shoes with tie

Happy friday and enjoy this piece of music <3/Divalove