Divamusic – Ingrid Michaelson “Girls Chase Boys” (a videotribute to “Simply Irresistible” by Robert Palmer)

Ingrid Michaelson "Girls Chase Boys"

New York Staten Island singer Ingrid Michaelson is launching a new tune 15th of April 2014. The song is called “Girls Chase Boys” and the video has made quite a fuss.

Ingrid and her team has made a throwback at Robert Palmers 80’s hit “Simply Irresistible“. What makes Ingrid’s video different is that the gender/sexuality walls has been torn apart. Her video is a tribute to sex no matter what the sex/gender or orientation.

I think I’m going to listen to this song quite a few times the coming weeks. What do you think?Girls_Chase_Boys Ingrid Michaelson "Girls Chase Boys" Ingrid Michaelson

you can watch the video here: