Mondo Kaos – Highway to Heaven – Domestic Diva Shopping

Ok guys – I know I have not been good at blogging lately. Work/life balance have been evil with me I tell you.

Update: Well, I was invited to be a member of the jury at this years e-commerce award through FDIH. I was invited to judge on 2 different categories: B2C small companies & Social Commerce. Yesterday we found the winners of all categories. They are all being announced at this years big e-commerce award event on the 24th of May, so stay tuned 🙂

To kind of celebrate I decided to visit one of my favorite icon online stores at their small shop in Nørrebro (Copenhagen). I really needed to update my wardrobe (yeah – right).

Anyway – I went to this gorgeous tiny shop called “Mondo Kaos“. For a couple of years I have been a fan but now I needed some actual physical shopping time! This shop is absolutely one of the greatest “Rockabilly”/”Mad Men” dress shops in Copenhagen – No doubt about that! These kind of dresses really fits a “curvy” figure like mine so I end up looking like a real woman and not just another “fat” woman trying to fit in whatever is fashionable right now among skinny models.

I ended up trying these 4 dresses. I actually just brought 3 dresses to the dressing room, but after I tried the first dress, another customer asked me to try one of her personal favorite dresses. Of course I had to try it #DOH!!

(Let me tell you – I wanted to try a lot more dresses, but the sizes I use were almost all sold out – thanks a lot big butt!)

Anyway. The shop is very small but very authentic. Ditte (the owner?) is very trustworthy and sweet. Not at all pushy, but once you have chosen your favs, she is very attentive and serviceminded. The shop also sells gorgeous shoes (Edith and Ella & Lola Ramona). Unfortunately the ones I liked were sold out in my size.

So here are the dresses I tried on. Which are your favorites?


I ended up buying the blue sailor dress (the first one) and the white dress (last picture).

All way home I was listening and singing along to Imelda May and Caro Emerald. Pure Divalove ❤

Mondo Kaos – Diva shopping Love indeed. Just for being authentic and very true to the concept without loosing the soul and passion.

5 star Divalove