5QQ’s to the divalicious painter/artist Paul Enøe Johansson

Ohh – you Divalovers are in for a treat now! Let me introduce the Danish painter Paul Enøe Johansson.

Paul is quite a new friend of mine. I know Paul from my local gym (Yeah – when I actually get my act together, lift my fat butt from the couch, and go there), and I always enjoy his company. We both love art and photographing, so it is really nice to have someone interesting to talk to in between the sweats.

His paintings are really awsome. I mean really really divalicious! On top of that he made quite a name of himself on the Danish art scene. You can see some of his work here!

Some of my personal favorites are the “Shelf pictures” as seen here.

You can mix and match the as you please, which is an idea I really love.

AND they are really hot 🙂 !!!

Here we go….

Happy reading Divalovers!
/Divalove from Rikke

1) What do you do for a living and why?

Besides from being a painter, I am a teacher. It would supposedly be a shame for the students, if I wasn’t. I feel that I fill up an important place…

2) Who/what inspires you (and why)?

I’m inspired when interacting with other people. I can’t do many things alone. Also I am a dialectician …

3) What is your passion in life, and what makes you happy?

I am an intellectual and I absolutely love the dialogue. The combination of a woman and a talent is my passion, and that is what really inspires me in my paintings!

4) What is the best advice you would give your younger self #Dearyoungme?

I did the right thing when I was focused, and fought all the odd goals. I have been a good woodsman/lumberjack, a powerful semi-skilled worker at the B&W, a brave andobliging professional fisherman, a fast paperboy, an exciting workshop leader for the youth in a club, a avid writer author with important educational, political, and ethical messages, etc, etc.

Finally, now I am a painter as a hobby that fills the empty moments and keeps the heavy thoughts from everyday life in a distance …

5) What are your dreams and goals for the future?

My goals for the future are few and small …. I’m a very happy man!

I just hope I will always treat my wife decent, and I hope my body stays in shape till the end ❤

The Painter