5 Quick Questions – Anne-Grete Belmadani, Professional Blogger

Let me introduce you to todays divachick: Anne-Grete “blog mama” Belmadani.

Anne-Grete is besides being a professional blogger (she blogs at Bonnier Publications/I Form under the name “Den Blonde Blog” as well as her Personal blog), also a web editor, and internal blog coach at Bonnier Publications. He has recently held 5 popular blog courses at Berlingske – and has since 2010, given Denmark more than 100 new bloggers.

This October I have the huge honor of teaching at a blog course at Berlingske Media together with Anne-Grete.

Enjoy/Divalove from Rikke

What do you do for a living and why?

I work with creating and developing content for the web – both articles and blogs – and then I teach the art of blogging. I love to work with communication, and helping others to become even better at communicating.

What are your hobbies?

Yoga, running, cycling, wellness, spa, family & friends. And sometimes a little gardening!

What makes you happy?

When people I love are happy. And when I do something good for myself.

Who inspires you?

The American coach Cheryl Richardson – and Ole Henriksen – in terms of their mindsetabout wellness. Professionally, I will highlight the blogger David Meerman Scott, who is revolutionizing the way we can produce stunningly effective, authentic and cheappublicity on the Internet, with “the new rules of PR.”

What is your personal style and you have a favorite designer / brand?

My style is feminine – and I love clothes from Mango and Zara.