5 Quick Questions – Rhonda Poulsen, Photographer

So here we go.

I am now introducing 5 quick questions to women that I find inspirering somehow. First one will be Rhonda Poulsen (you can see some of her work here!).

I have met Rhonda through a friend and a Goddess Photoshoot, and I absolutely love her work and always positive attitude. I hope you will enjoy her to!

What do you do for a living and why?

  • I am a photographer because I love it! It is my passion. I just love capturing energy and emotions.

What are your hobbies?

  • – Leisure …. good conversations … music …. healthy food …. mountains ….. travel … horses and photography

What makes you happy?

  • I am happy when I let go of myself, feel the freedom, just love, and I do what I love! eg. photographing wild horses

Who inspires you?

  • Sally Mann, my boyfriend, friends, everyone actually!

What is your personal style and you have a favorite designer / brand?

  • Dressing feminine. I love dresses and being relaxed.